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No 1.

These three men were marooned on an island. They found a object with a genie contained in it. They rubbed it and out came a genie! There was a magic slide and the genie each gave them 1 wish. The first man wished for a big mansion surrounded by money, the second man wished to be surrounded my babes and the third man wished to be in Dublin and said “weeeeeeeeeee!” as he went down the slide.


Get it??? If you didn’t get it I’ll tell you. You know the wee that comes out of ur private part?? Well the third man said “weeeeeee!” cuz the slid was fun but in the wish it actually meant the wee that came outta your private part.


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  1. izzybee152 said:

    Isn’t there another one where it’s like:
    There girls got to go down a slide and wish for one thing as they were going down and they would land in what the wished for. The first girl said “GOLDDDDDDDDD” and landed in a pile of gold. The Second girl said “MONEYYYYYYYYYYY” and landed in a pile of money. The third girl said “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” and landed in uhhh… You know.

    It’s either that or the girls were red head, brunette and blonde. The one that said “WEEEEEEEEEEE” was the blonde.

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