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Hey everyone! Infiinity is having its very first contest! What is this contest for?

  1. My birthday on the 21st of October (like an early gift for you guys maybe? Idk.)
  2. An early contest for 500 hits (I know I don’t have that many yet)
  3. An early contest for 20 followers (almost there!)

As you can see, this is an early contest. This is so it won’t interrupt with the Halloween event I will be holding here. This is a points contest. I won’t tell you how to winner will be decided, but here are 2 ways:

  • Most points wins
  • Randomising

I am going to use one of those ways to decide the winner. Good luck guys!

To enter:

  • Like
  • Reblog
  • Comment ‘I’m Joining!’

Limited Points:

  • 1st to join the contest=1 point = 1pt
  • 1st to comment ‘Happy Birthday sindyblue10!’ = 1pt
  • 1st to complete everything in the Easy Points section…

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I love ~chocolate ~ice cream ~moustaches ~awesumness ~randomness ~my BFFs and friends and LOADS MORE!! xP



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B-day Saturday

It was my birthday this Saturday and my friends came over. We danced to music, ate cake and yeah. My presents were awesome! It was really fun. Btw, I’m quitting forever unless I have time to go on wordpress.


I’m so obsessed with Frozen and the songs and this app called iButtons. Search buttons on the App Store and it’ll come up. It’s the first one. It’s like so cool. There’s heaps of cool sounds and there’s even nyan.

Well, my family uses grocery bags as trash bags/whatever and they put the whole pile of the bags in a certain place but they put it there about 2 months ago and at first I wasn’t used to it but now I sorta am, now they put it back in its rightful place and I’m like ‘just when I get used to it?!’ Seriously.

I’m so excited for my birthday!! It’s on March 29. I get to choose a big cool present. But not a phone or car etc. I’m allowed an iPod, tablet and stuff like that. I’m thinking of getting a Wacom Intuos Manga/Drawing/Graphics tablet, some art supplies, uggies/canvas/shoes/clothes, some spy stuff ( ’cause my dad has this secret pen camera recorder thing and a recording video watch thing. I want something like that. And a skateboard. I know it’s a lot but I’m getting all of that ’cause I got nothing for my last birthday so I get two big presents.

Crushes + boys

– If you have a crush that likes you, reblog.
– If you have more than one crush, comment ‘a million!’
– If a boy likes you but you don’t really like him back, like this post.
– if someone in the same race as you likes you, comment ‘all around the world’
– If your crush likes your BFF/friend, comment ‘ Bufla! ‘
– If you have the same crush as your BFF/friend, like this post and reblog and say ‘thief!’
– If your crush hates you, like and comment ‘Alex the Amazing!
– If you have no crush because everyone is stupid at school, comment ‘stupid boys!’
– If you have a crush for no reason, just reblog.
– If you have a crush that has no friends, comment ‘yay!’
– If you have a crush that has more guy enemies than friends, reblog and say ‘eh’
– If you have no crush but lots of guy friends, reblog, like and comment ‘um’
– If you hate all boys but trust a few, like and comment ‘trusting trust’
So, yeah.

I even wasted sleeping yesterday for it!! I was playing it all night on my iPod. Aaahhhh. Download it. Nowwww


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